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Half Life 2 Roleplay - Rules Empty Half Life 2 Roleplay - Rules

Post  Skyro on Thu Dec 22, 2011 4:35 am

1. Do not Punchwhore
2. Whoring attributes will get you a perma ban, it isn't recommended.
3. Obey the Combine, Use FEAR Rp.
4. Admin's decision is final!
5. Asking for MPF Whitelisting, will thin your chances of joining.
6. Don't bug admins for operator or anything of the such.
7. Don't Mingerun (Without RP run away from a roleplay or cops.)
8. Please don't powergame.
9. No Metagaming (Using OOC Information IC or Vice versa)
10. Respect the other players.
11. Have fun!
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