Searching people + When to roll.

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Searching people + When to roll. Empty Searching people + When to roll.

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Searching People

This is a really complicated part and it can get quite confusing. Before you do any action that cannot be resisted ingame without rp, you must ROLL. an example of this is as follows:

MPF-SHIELD.EpU.47053 says "Face the wall." <-- Tying only works from the back MPF-SHIELD.EpU.47053 attempts to tie Robert Jones <-- this is a /me action [LOOC] MPF-SHIELD.EpU.47053 says "Resist?" <-- note I have given a LOOC chance to resist [LOOC] Robert Jones says "Yes." <-- You must know if he will resist or not. If he doesn't, continue normally MPF-SHIELD.EpU.47053 rolls 100 <-- My roll Robert Jones rolls 1 <-- His roll

In this case I have won the roll and therefore I am allowed to tie him. If I lost the roll he is allowed to run for 5 seconds and I am not allowed to move. However, you must roll for every obstacle, so if I had another officer backing me up, Robert Jones would have to roll against him too.

Also note, if they are unconscious, obviously you do not have to roll to search them as they cannot resist.

Once you have tied someone, press f4 on them to search them.

Important Note: Make sure you untie someone after the search! Anybody can search a tied person and that person will probably not be very happy with you.

When to /roll

No roll is necessary if there are 3 people versus 1. It is impossible to resist being overpowered!

First of all, when to roll. You must be within whispering range to use /me actions against someone when rolling. If they are further than that then they can just run from the situation as it is not an rp-able range. For every obstacle presented by a player, there must be a roll. That means if there is 2 CPs and one of them is tying someone up, if the citizen resists, he must roll against both of you:

citizen attempts to resist
**citizen rolls 78
**Unit 1 rolls 43

Unit 2 assists
**Unit 2 rolls 89
**citizen rolls 22

Almost every action must be rolled for!

Common Rollable Examples:

-Pushing someone over
-Stealing something from a shop (that isn't in inventory)
-Unholstering a weapon when next to someone
-Running when face to face with a CP
-Resisting arrest (when you are about to knock them out)


The radio command is in the directory and is given as /radio

First of all, before you start using your radio, you need to set the frequency of it to combine frequency. To do this, use:
If you don't do this, your radio experience will be a very lonely one!

Try not use the radio unless it is necessary. There is no OOC option for radio so if you want to use radio OOC, just do "/radio //" and continue typing.

Important Note: Do not say the radio frequency out loud EVER as it can easily be stolen and the rebels will listen into it. Don't even say it in OOC. Whenever requesting the radio frequency or telling someone else the frequency, use /pm. [u]
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