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Post  Skyro on Fri Dec 23, 2011 3:29 am


Only equip one weapon at a time or your guns might bug and won't shoot, even if unholstered. There is no way to see ironsight/crosshairs so get used to using the faint red reticule in the combine helmet. Shoot to miss also applies to you.

Confiscation Room - It is used to store confiscated items. Anything that is contraband, or anything taken off anybody for amputation goes in here. You do NOT use anything in this room, and you MUST put all items in here that are confiscated, even if it us guns or ammo. Failure to do so is abusive and you will get the admins angry if you don't use it properly.

Armory -The way you use the armory is you take what you need and you drop the necessary amount of tokens. There is a price list in the room but if you can't find it, ask what the price is. It is a privilege so don't abuse it. The equipment doesn't come out of nowhere, as the armory is restocked by MPF-SHIELD.EpU.47053 (That is me!) so you would really be stealing from him. To buy anything from the armory, drop tokens using /tokensdrop and just leave it in the armory room for an the EpU.

Stunstick - Your PRIMARY weapon! Non-lethal force is the way forwards! Don't be afraid to use it but don't be annoying with it. It does little damage so it is a good deterrant. To knock someone out with it, you need to hit them 4 times in a row, so if you are too slow, the count resets so it is good to help someone out if they are struggling to knock someone out. As standard for all weapons, hold r to holster/unholster.

9mm Pistol Try not to use it. It looks small but with a well aimed headshot, you will kill anybody instantly. Really only useful for self-defence against someone punching you.

MP7 SMG - If you have tokens to spend, this is the gun for you. You don't have to aim for the head, but it helps. Secondary fire fires grenades but you will not have access to them.

Pulse Rifle - Staple weapon of the OTA. Fires powerful rounds and fires combine balls in secondary fire. Only EOW units can restock pulse-rifle ammo or combine balls.

Breach - This is only used on DOORS THAT CAN HAVE COMBINE LOCKS ON THEM! If you use it on a door that can't have locks on them (such as fridges), you will crash the server!

Flashbang - It flashes and it bangs. You get the point.

Smoke Grenade - Does what is says on the can. Make a cloud of smoke to confuse the anti-citizens and move in for a take-down.

Grenade - Only the higher ranks can use these. They are very deadly with a powerful blast and if you aren't careful with these, you can find yourself with a lengthy ban. Avoid using them as they are difficult to rp properly with.

Crossbow - Only available to rebels. Using them as MPF is abusive. 1 shot kill, even with full armor but has projectile travel time a slow reload time.

RPG - Only available to rebels. You probably won't see these as they will probably never find a situation where they can use it and rp at the same time.

Health Vial - In the inventory click "use" to use on yourself or "give" to use on your target. All healing is, preferably, done by SHIELD units.

Health Kit - A stronger, heavier version of the health vial.

Zip Tie - If they are conscious, aim at their back and press f3 or use in the inventory (refer to the "Searching" section). If they are unconscious, aim anywhere on them and press f3 or use in inventory. Note it is a little buggy and sometimes does not work on unconscious people. It helps if you pick the person up and do it, or resort to rp and do "/me ties up Robert Jones" and then tie them when they wake up.

Combine locks - Try not to use a combine lock without permission as they can only be destroyed by destroying the door with breaches. The way they work is you place in on the door by using it in your inventory when looking at the door. Make sure you are on the correct side of the door! Put them on the outside of doors. To lock/unlock combine locks, either look at the combine lock and press "use" on it or look at the door and press "shift+use" on it. I prefer to use "shift+use" as it unlocks/locks the lock regardless of what side of the door you are on or where you are looking on the door. Combine locks are only used to control movement of citizens and should not be used for personal use.

Vending Machine - Very simple to use. Just press "use" on it to turn it on or off.

Ration machine -Again, just press "use" to turn it on or off. Note that rations are only given out at specific times of the day.

Combine doors - Some doors can only be activated by combine and they look metallic and have no handle. Simply press "use" on them to open them and they will close automatically. The only exception on the map City18, is the pair of combine doors at the front lobby of the Nexus. To close those doors, there is a console near them and you have to push the buttons.

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Equipment + Rooms Empty Re: Equipment + Rooms

Post  Matthew Kingrey on Fri Dec 23, 2011 6:20 am

Very good guide.

Except for one thing, when I try to turn on/off vending machines. They don't do either.
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