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[PROPOSED] Change to the CCA App Empty [PROPOSED] Change to the CCA App

Post  Matthew Kingrey on Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:41 pm

All officers in the CCA require to have the best Grammar and Spelling in-game. These players have proven to be worthy of this place and have shown these skills in-game. These officers also prove to have a top notch ability and sense for serious RP and can adapt and function well withing the server and within the community.
When applying for the CCA you need to keep those ideas in mind and if you do not think you fit the bill for CCA, dont apply, wait until you fully understand the idea of good serious RP and that you can serve as a member of the CCA correctly.
Please use the quoted code below to format your application. Type your answers in non-bolded writing so that the questions stand out from the ansawers. Only one application per player and one re-application, so think carefully about whether the time is right to apply before you do. Also, when asked longer questions, short responses are NOT acceptable and will not be counted as a response.
When submitting your application think carefully about what you are writing, this is serious and is based around HL2RP and so your background information IC will be checked thouroughly. When it says (DETAIL) you must post at least 1 paragraph, and the more the better! To prove you read the information, put your favourite colour at the bottom of your application in the 'Anything else to add?' section. All new officers will be Recruits (RCT's) for at least one week before promotion. They will require training in most areas of CCA activity and can only be promoted when they have proven themselves to either their chosen DvL or the SeC.

[size=x-large]OOC Section:[/size]
Steam Name:
Steam ID:
Why do you want to become a CCA Officer?(detail):

Do you have any prior experience in RP'ing as Metropolice Officer?(DETAIL if yes):

What do you think playing as a CCA officer entails in-game?(DETAIL):

How much do you think being a CCA officer affects your roleplay in-game?(DETAIL):

How many hours a day (roughly) do you spend on Tetra-Gaming HL2RP?:

[size=x-large]IC Section:[/size]
Character Name:
Mental defects?:
Health defects?:
Major Skill/Attribute?(not in-game, IC):

Why do you want to become a CCA Officer?(DETAIL):

What skills can you bring to the CCA? (DETAIL):

How will you carry out your duties as a CCA officer?:

Do you understand that in the CCA there is a 0% tolerance to Idiocy and Stupidty?:
Do you understand that you answer to all units above your rank?:
Do you have any previous infringements for the CCA, if so, state here now:

Anything else to add?:[/size]
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