Sarah Evans Civil Combine Authority/MetroPolice Force Application

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Sarah Evans Civil Combine Authority/MetroPolice Force Application Empty Sarah Evans Civil Combine Authority/MetroPolice Force Application

Post  Dr Growly on Thu May 24, 2012 9:23 am

OOC Information

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:32843061
Name: Derp Derp
Member of TG?: Yes, I happen to be a member.
Hours Played Roughly?: (Of HL2RP?) 50-60 Hours (Of Garrysmod?) 376 Hours
Have you played HL2RP Before?: Lots.
Past MPF Experience?: I had a HELIX.04 and an OTA and Scanner Character on AZG/TCB
Past Servers: Alpha Zone Gaming/The Clap Box CityRP and OutlandsRP.
Can you speak with the correct grammar?: Yes, I happen to be highly capable of doing so.

IC Information

First Name: Sarah
Last Name: Evans
CID: #67018
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: 5"8
Weight: 150lbs

Character's Backstory: Sarah was a police officer, working in New York. Sje was top of her squad and never failed a mission, she was eventually recommended by her peers to try to join the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A). She decided that that was a great idea and she asked her Chief if he could get her an application to do so. The chief contacted his employer and asked if they had any contacts, they said that they could get an application. Sarah soon received it and filled it out. She gave it back to her chief who looked it over and then sent it back to the contact, they had accepted it. She was accepted when the combine took over. She was asked to patrol the streets, as she did so she saw a black figure moving in the distance. She raised her weapon and shot, she missed. The figure pulled out a odd looking weapon and fire, she was hit in the leg, the bullet hurt badly and she soon fell unconsious. She woke up in a place that looked like Russia, There were signs that said City 18. She saw many figures, she was wearing a blue jumpsuit and she asked a nearby woman who the figures were, she said they are "MetroPolice" she also said that they are hiring, she noticed that the word police was in it, she decided that she could do good, so she applied.

Why do you want to join MPF: Why? Thats a good question. I want to join to keep the system in order, Arrest the rebels, Clean the city, Get rid of the uncivilised.

Are you currently or have you ever been a member of Universal Union?:
(Mark with an X)
Yes: __X__ No:_____

Answer this Question:
If you were on patrol and saw a man in a trenchcoat handing a shiny object to another citizen what would you do and what Sociostability Infractions are present in this scenario (Answering this correctly will improve your chance of joining MPF.) That is a high level crime, Possesiong of Lethal Weapons, It can be amputation, or 30 minutes detention. I would ask the citizens to get to the wall, If they ask why you do not tell them, tie them and then search them, take the weapon and take them to the Nexus.

Sign here

Are you aware that falsifacation of this combine government document is a class 3 sociostability infraction and your name and CID will be logged in our system?:
Yes: __X___ No: _____ ~Sarah Evans

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