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Post  Skyro on Fri Dec 23, 2011 3:18 am

Data Files

Make sure you read this carefully as it is a fundamental part of being in the MPF. You may be wondering, what the hell are points? Points are part of the permanent date file and they count up and determine how criminal a particular citizen is. The data file is completely hand written so you need to be patient and thorough. You update the data file when criminal activity occurs.

When you check data, read their name at the top of the data sheet and make sure it matches their name!

Here is an example of a malcompliant citizen who, for this example, is seen running into a shop, punching the shopkeeper and then, upon searching, is found to also possess a medkit.

[in jail]
MPF-SHIELD.EpU.47053: Apply. <-- get his name [Scar on face, tall, old]: Robert Jones <-- now you recognise him and you can update his data file

/viewdata robert <-- this is the command to view his data. Note you only need a partial name

A box will pop up and it may or may not have stuff on it already. Add on to the end of the file. This is all handwritten so it is a good idea to copy your name to your clipboard. This is the format I use personally, but it varies between people but the general idea must be given. The data file needs to have their CID in it at the top to prevent identity theft so if it isn't there, put it there.

Ideally, a good data sheet will look like this:

19/01/16 20:25 <-- Date and time (time is only necessary if they are jailed but it is good practice to put it in anyway) Running [1] <-- Square brackets show the violation level, NOT the number of points given Assault [2]
High contra. possession [2]
6 Points 40 mins <-- Verdict SHIELD.EpU.47053 <-- Signature! Sign this and don't forget! If you don't sign it, anything you write will be wiped off the data sheet!

The way you make your data sheet update is personal. Don't make it too short as we need all the fundamental details. Don't make it too long either as the data file has a character limit and it will stop the data sheet getting too long.This data sheet layout is ideal. JURY Note: If you are in the situation of being in the JURY division and you amputate someone, you must delete their entire data file except from the CID and say the person was amputated.
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