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My MPF aplication Empty My MPF aplication

Post  Jack.henderson on Mon Apr 02, 2012 5:21 am

OOC Information

Steam ID:Steam_0:1:43202752
Member of TG?:No
Hours Played Roughly?: 3 or 4 hours
Have you played HL2RP Before?:Yes
Past MPF Experience?:Yes
Past Servers:Imperial-Gaming

Can you speak with the correct grammar?:Yes, I can.

IC Information

First Name:John
Last Name:Mckay
Eye Colour:brown

Character's Backstory:I was only 17 when the combine invaded. I watched as my parents were slaughtered in front of me by a large beast with 3 legs. It stared at me, at least I think and just left me there to die. I staggered around the area looking for anything to help my parents to live (it was already too late) I continued to walk what seemed to be a mile but was only a few feet to the last remaining hope of my sanity. It was my son, standing their with a look of dread in his eyes. I went to go embrace him and tell him it was alright, when I took the first step a shot rang through the room. My son lies there dead with a hole right through his forehead still with that look of dread, I hid. The combine don't notice me so I take off running from my previous hiding spot (the closet) and let the tears fall down my eyes. In a few hours or so I was eventually caught and dragged to city 17 where I kept to myself and just stayed in my apartment and cried. On a day in March I sat on my bed and thought, spent the whole day thinking. I comprehended death, I did not fear death I embraced it. I was then shortly relocated to city 18 where I then applied for MPF to make others suffer the way I did, to make them comprehend the impossible. To make them feel death.

Why do you want to join MPF: To stop the resistance and to help and server the citizens of City 18.

Are you currently or have you ever been a member of Universal Union?:
(Mark with an X)
Yes: ___x_ No:_____

Answer this Question:
If you were on patrol and saw a man in a trenchcoat handing a shiny object to another citizen what would you do and what Sociostability Infractions are present in this scenario (Answering this correctly will improve your chance of joining MPF.) The current sociostability infractions present are:
Suspicous Activity.

Are you aware that falsifacation of this combine government document is a class 3 sociostability infraction and your name and CID will be logged in our system?:
Yes: __x___ No: _____


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